What's up with cogs.red

I should've done this a long time ago, but here we are. Hopefully it is still better late than never.

# So... what about them cogs?

"Cogs.red v3 is coming!" is what I said again and again... and trust me, I truly meant it every time I did, but as we all can see - its almost middle of June 2020 now and its nowhere to be found.

If you want the dryest status update possible, here goes:

  • The repo submission logic still doesn't support submissions of other users' repos
  • There is no direct logic for forks either (they work, but there is no frontend / search treatment for them)
  • Search is basically non functional right now
  • Everything else is working and the flows are stable

And one might think, I definitely did, that this isn't a big amount of work to finish all this up, and it isn't! But time and time again I was hitting a motivation wall trying to finish it and it hasn't been fun at all. And even if I could finish the mvp launch - thinking of supporting it as an evolving service doesn't paint the brightest picture in my mind.

Its not that I don't like the project or Red in general, its just that I don't see myself being the person capable of doing this anymore.

# Its probably for the best for me to pass it on.

I personally feel like I failed this community, especially after I agreed to take the last chance and failed at delivering it again. I hope that I still have some good faith left behind my name as I still love Red as a project and as a community.

It also saddens me that its probably my own selfish wants which made me accept the last chance offered by 26 back in January, and I just couldn't make myself decline that offer, even though I probably should've.

# What now?

I will push all the code (after checking if there are any tokens etc left in there) to my repos. Its on my work laptop which is a 3 hour drive away from me right now, so that will have to happen during the week.

I am also willing to answer any questions and share any experience with whoever is going to work on a similar solution for red down the line.

There are probably some useful bits in there, even if the new thing won't be written with JS and deployed via the same tech stack.

But otherwise - I do not think anybody should try to use it as is (although, if anybody would like to do that - it should be relatively straightforward, as the backend is deployed to firebase and frontend - to vercel).

# I want to apologize.

Tho this community, to the devs, to 26 and everyone else who was excited by what I was building. And I'm incredibly thankful to everyone, as this project carried my growth as a developer for a long long time, it made me join a bunch of dev discords, and I am so happy to meet all the people from patrons lounge / staff, some of them IRL too! (❤️ aika and Jenn).

I wish I could pull my shit together earlier and accept the facts. But with so much sentimental value behind this - I just couldn't. It was my first big open source project actually used by real people, and I guess some part of me felt like giving it up will be like giving up on a dream I once had.

But its not the right way forward, this community deserves someone who is interested and motivated to build things for them out of their own passion and not out of obligation and guilt.

I will stay as a patron on the project and not going anywhere in that regard, but I felt like a longer format response to this was necessary, maybe more so to bring myself some closure on this, rather than explain what's going on, but that's besides the point.

P.S. I am up to transferring the domain / redirecting the dns routes to wherever you need them to go, we can coordinate it with the core team, so just reach out to me

❤️ Red

-- orels1